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"All success comes from daring to begin," like a butterfly daring to get sap from flower to flower, GICC we too would venture to challenge the economic battle and undauntingly haggle with the natural occurrences and effects of any crises.




In September 26, 2013, GICC was born upon approval of its Certificate of Incorporation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Its primary purpose is, "To engage in recreation, leisure resort, games and amusement center, particularly but not limited to, online/interactive gaming, computer games and other related recreational activities".

By virtue of its registration as a FAB Enterprise in March 28, 2014, the Authority of the Freeport Area of Bataan {AFAB} has granted GICC as Master Licensor of Online Gaming activities tentative for international market. The scope of its registered activities are as follows:

  • Conduct and maintain business outsourcing facilities directly or through its licensed operators.
  • Lease and grant licenses pertaining to its intellectual properties, including business processes, website secured server housing, internet hosting, and software creations.
  • Provide services/technologies, animation and set-up internet server websites. Administer software development, payment system and toll free telephone operations; and
  • Regulate monitor, control, supervise, and grant licenses to online/interactive gaming operations with respect to their software application with intellectual property rights, owned or licensed, subject to the registration and accreditation requirements of the AFAB.


As Master Licensor, GICC also offers a wide-range of other Online Gaming operations. These revenue streams of services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Highly quality monitoring and maintenance services technologies for the online/ interactive facilities.
  • Internet connectively utilizing wide-band width capabilities.
  • Hosting of the server to host the internet site in a highly safe and secured environment.
  • Hosting services including connection of server and data networking to the monitoring and management system.
  • Service provider of a wide-range of call center activities.
  • Value added services for ongoing operations of internet sites and data management of the Online Gaming sites.
  • Administration service including facilities management, server's management and network monitoring.
  • Fully furnished, office spaces and billeting for agents,
  • Secured and Hi-tech monitored access,
  • Safe storage of back up items/materials in highly secured premises, and,
  • Excellent customer relations management among others.

History & Development of GICC

Feb 2015
Jan 2015
Nov 2014
Sep 2013


Application Procedures

  • 1
    Applicant submits complete registration documents of it’s Offshore Company, Local Company’s SEC documents and Service Agreement between Offshore Company and Local Company.
  • 2
    Secure Online/Interactive Gaming License Application Form.
  • 3
    Submit to GICC Letter of Intent from Offshore Company, duly accomplished License Application Form and required documents, settle necessary fees.
  • 4
    GICC will evaluate the application together with all relevant documents for completeness and compliance based on GICC’s online gaming Rules and Regulations.
  • 5
    GICC will inform the applicant in writing either grant or refuse the issuance of online gaming license. Once confirm the grant of license, the applicant should settle the balance of required license fee and sign the license agreement with GICC.
  • 6
    GICC will endorse the local service company to AFAB for the registration as FAB enterprise.
    a. Duly accomplished application form for FAB Enterprise, complete local company SEC docs, resume of all 5 shareholders of the local company, Investment Plan, Bank Certificate;....
  • 7
    FAB will evaluate and process the application.
  • 8
    GICC will inform the applicant on behalf of FAB, in writing, the approval of registration and the applicant should settle all necessary fees due to FAB.
  • 9
    Sign office space lease contract with GICC.
  • 10
    Issuance of FAB Certificate of Registration and Zero Percent VAT Certificate to the local service company.
  • 11
    Issuance of Online/Interactive Gaming License to Offshore Company;

Documents needed

  1. Complete registration documents of Offshore Company
  2. Complete documents from SEC for local company (certificate of registration, by-laws, articles of incorporation)
  3. Service Agreement of Offshore Company and Local Company
  4. Local Company’s bank certificate
  5. Resume of all shareholders of local company


  1. License Fee: U.S.$50,000/year
  2. Hosting Fee: 2% of monthly gross
    BPO Online Gaming: U.S.$5,000/month (for first year)
    BPO Interactive Gaming: U.S.$5,000/table/month (for first year)
  3. Application Fee: U.S.$500
  4. Temporary office inside FAB: Php15,000/month

Application for Working Visa

Documents needed

  1. Notarized Contract of Employment
  2. Curriculum Vitae signed by the applicant
  3. 2x2 picture, 8pcs (white background)
  4. Photocopy of Passport showing bio-data page, admission stamp, and authorized stay
  5. Original Passport
  6. BIR personal TIN application form
  7. Duly accomplished and notarized Alien Employment Permit application form
  8. Certified true copy of AEP from DOLE
  9. Photocopy of AEP
  10. Duly accomplished and notarized Bureau of Immigration visa application form
  11. Letter of request from the company
  12. FAB certificate of registration

One year/Two years Complete package available
Foreign Employees and Dependants

DC Introduction

The Freeport Area of Bataan (FAB) is the only Freeport in the Manila Bay area, the Philippines' center of trade. The FAB is an ideal transshipment hub, strategically located at a prime transit point for domestic, regional, and global shipping.

It is 160 km away from Manila, the Philippine's capital, two and half hour by land, 55-minutes by sea, or a 25-minutes by flight. The FAB is 90.6 km away from Subic Freeport, a short one-hour drive. Clark Economic Zone is 117km away from the FAB, a quick hour and a half's trip by land. It takes less than 20 minutes to travel by air to these Freeport from FAB.

GICC has proposed a modern high standard techno park at FAB. This modest project is designed to be landmark show casing IT of Bataan in the entire province development. It will be started by the end of 2014 and completed in year 2016.

This Techno Park will be occupying 3-hectares land at the strategic location within the Freeport, connecting the main roads leading to FAB. Providing the locators a safe, convenient and comfortable working environment.

The 3 phased development of the Techno Park will be able to provide: 2,000sqm office space, 8,000sqm commercial spaces and 12,000sqm living spaces among others as follows:

Office space

Providing online interactive gaming operators the modern yet comfortable standard office spaces.

Commercial space

Will be equipped with multi-purpose conference room, training center, gym, entertainment hall, food court, restaurants and outdoor amenities.

Living space

Will be classified into two categories: standard and deluxe. Within the area, there will also laundry shop, convenient store, Internet café, canteen, salon, entertainment room and other facilities and amenities for ease and comfort.


Services will be provided by PLDT and GLOBE, the longtime trusted network in the country.


By land: 3hours ride from Manila

By sea: less than an hour, from Manila Bay (ferry will be reopened in the year 2015)

  1. Power: 6.90pesos/Kwh, the lowest rate among the economic zones, 50%cheaper compared to Manila;
    GN Power, a coal-boil power plant, is located within FAB, provides continues power supply to FAB.
  2. Water: rate is 70% cheaper compared to Manila.
  3. Manpower: minimum wage is 366pesos/day (Manila: 465pesos/day). FAB Labor Center is the centralized recruitment center for manpower requirements and labor related issues.


TR*****E G**T ****TED. / M*X M***IN **CH I**. OGL-001 August 2014
KIN***** IN****ATI*** CO.,LIMITED / EL*****EAM TEC****** INC. http://******** OGL-002 October 2014
MA**RO AT**L CO.,LIM***D / LIN**ZE CRE**ION IN*. OGL-003 October 2014
***PLE **SH ****SEAS LI***** / G****L ****SO*T ****NOL**Y SO***IO*S,I*C. OGL-005 October 2014
*-D***STY T**HN****Y LI**T*D / **CC TE** R**OUR**S INC. OGL-006 October 2014
WO*** JU**** INVESTMENT INC. / W****ITY *** CONSUL**NCY INT***ATIO*AL **RP. OGL-007 November 2014
B-***AMID T**HNO**** L**IT*D / ***PLE CO**D INC. OGL-008 November 2014
***ERGY CEN**** LIM***** / SU**EME ** CORP***T*ON OGL-009 November 2014
G-*E*D* D**CO**R CO.LTD. / ****CO*E *N*I*E **RV*C** INC. OGL-010 November 2014
K**T TO** ****N*L*GY L*MI**D / ***SOFT CO***LT**G INC. OGL-011 November 2014
AL***IN M*X TEC***LOG* LIM**D / TE***RI**E.IT.CO.INC OGL-014 April 2015
P***RSO*T CO.,LI**T*D / D**A**B*R ***ORM***ON C**T*M INC. OGL-015 July 2015
O**E **TWO*K T**HN*L**Y CO.,L**IT*D. / *C*T**H I.T.S**UT**NS INC. OGL-016 July 2015
***** ********** CO.,LIMITED / P*W IN**RN***ONAL SOL**ION **CH**L*GY OGL-017 July 2015
*IT*** I**ER**TIO**L **O*P L*M**ED / T**N*T I.T. N**W**K INC. OGL-019 September 2015
C**EF G**UP **D / TO**P*ED *ECH**LOGY *YS**M INC. OGL-020 October 2015
** **PE GR*** L*D / **ST*EAM *****OLOGY INC. OGL-021 October 2015
F***I I**E*****ON*L ***DING LTD / P**M*E***CH ON**NE SO**T*O* INC. OGL-022 October 2015
G**L SHING **TERN*****AL TR**ING *TD / NE***APE I.T. ****TI*NS INC. OGL-023 November 2015
***STAN**** ***E*N*T*O*AL **OUP LTD. / TR**ET T**HN***GY S*****ON* INC. OGL-024 November 2015
** BAI ** TRAD**G ***. / *N*E*K*Y **** S*S**M INC. OGL-025 November 2015
F****ING **A*E LT* / *E**ZO**I.T.C*N***TA*CY INC. OGL-026 November 2015
DA*** **F*W*R* CO., LTD / *-TR**D ON**NE **R**C*S INC. OGL-027 November 2015
CLD**A T*AD* LTD/CL**D88 TE**NO**GY INC. OGL-028 April 2016
FFG**ING TRA** LTD/FF88 ***RMAT** TEC****OGY INC. OGL-029 April 2016
C**UK N*NG TRA** LTD/AZK***ODE TE***OLO** INC. OGL-030 April 2016
B**UL S**Y TRA** LTD/P***TEM TE***OLO** INC. OGL-031 July 2016


GICC joined in the Global Gaming
2016-01-08 11:13:24

GICC group has been granted the exclusive right as Master Licensor of both Online and Interactive Gaming activities intended for international market by the Authority of Freeport Area of Bataan (“AFAB”).
We are honored to attend the G2E Gaming Conference in company with the Chairman and Administrator of the Authority of the Freeport Area of Bataan (AFAB) together with the Deputy Administrator for Operations and the Governor of the Province of Bataan. The activities lasted for four (4) days exhibition with utmost success.

Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony
2015-10-22 13:49:32

The formal Ground Breaking Ceremony of GICC TECHNOPARK was hold on 16 December, 2014 with no less than the provincial Governor of Bataan giving the occasion thus signaling the start of a new development phase in in the Freeport Area of Bataan. The official start of the Project has been announced by the President of GICC XIAOJING LOU together with the Chairman and Administrator of the Authority of the Freeport Area of Bataan (AFAB) HON. DEOGRACIAS GP CUSTODIO and with the presence of the Governor Province of Bataan, HON.ALBERT S. GARICA and the City Major of Mariveles HON. JESSE CONCEPICON.

During the launching ceremony, the Administrator of the AFAB highlighted the status of the project. GICC TECHNOPARK occupies 30, 000 square meters, with unique office spaces and convenient residential integrated with business and leisure of modern landscaped development project. The main architectural enhancement of the design of the Project is something that would strike a balance between nature and the contemporary infrastructure. The design is modern yet simple while maintaining both aesthetic and functionality. The use of glass as one of the building materials can make use of nature’s sunlight for illumination, which is cost effective and environmental friendly.

GICC to Break Ground for 1st Tech
2015-10-22 13:49:47

Written by AFAB
Monday, 15 December 2014 09:52
Business processing outsourcing firm Grand Innovasia Concept Corporation (GICC) will officially start establishing its Techno Park at the Freeport Area of Bataan (FAB) with a ground breaking ceremony on December 16.
The ceremony was set after GICC signed a memorandum of agreement with the Authority of the Freeport Area of Bataan (AFAB), leasing a three-hectare land where it will build an I.T. Techno Park.
The event will be led by Bataan Gov. Raymond Albert Garcia as the guest of honor, GICC Pres. Xiajing Luo, AFAB Chairman Deogracias Custodio and Mariveles Mayor Jesse Concepcion.
GICC's planned complex will be the first information technology park in the freeport. It will serve as GICC's main operation center for BPO Online/Interactive Gaming activities in the country. The Techno Park will also house other locators with provision for business and commercial spaces.
While the construction of the Techno Park is on going, GICC established an office at the FAB Administration building.
GICC is a company engaged in recreation, leisure resort, games and amusement center, particularly online/interactive gaming, computer games and other related recreational activities. It is also recognized as a Master Licensor/Regulator of Interactive Gaming for international market. The AFAB recently authorized the company to regulate and issue licenses to international gaming operators to operate their gaming businesses.


Master Licensor & Regulator For
Advertising Media
Games Partner


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Main Office:

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